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Privacy Policy

Last Updated: August 20, 2023

TheStage AI refers to "TheStage AI Foundation" located at: c/o Sielva Management SA, Gubelstrasse 11, 6300 Zug, Switzerland with the registration number CHE-241.779.847. Herein referred to as “Company”, “we”, “our”, “us”, or “TheStage AI”. We understand the importance of your personal data and are committed to safeguarding it. Kindly review our Privacy Policy detailed below. When you interact with or use our website and its affiliated sites (collectively termed “Website”), you confirm your agreement with this Privacy Policy, allowing us to manage your data as described.

Please note that your interactions with TheStage AI’s Website are always governed by the Terms of Service available at, which includes this Privacy Policy. Undefined terms in this Policy are clarified in the Terms of Service.

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Scope of this Privacy Policy

We outline our practices regarding the Personal Data we collect from our Website in this Privacy Policy. Here, “Personal Data” denotes any data that can identify an individual, also known as “personally identifiable information” or “personal information” as per relevant data protection laws. Our policy doesn’t include data handling by entities we don’t oversee or individuals not under our employment.

Personal Information

Types of Personal Information We Collect

Below is a table highlighting the types of Personal Information we have gathered in the last 6 months:

Type of Personal Information

Specific Personal Information Examples

Third Parties We Share This Information With

Contact details data

·  First and last name
·  Email
·  Phone number
·  Unique identifiers such as passwords

·  Service Providers
·  Advertising Partners
·  Analytics Partners
·  Business Partners
·  Parties You Authorize, Access or Authenticate

Device/IP Data

·  IP address
·  Device ID
·  Domain server
·  Type of device/operating system/browser used to access the Website

·  Service Providers
·  Advertising Partners
·  Analytics Partners
·  Business Partners
·  Parties You Authorize, Access or Authenticate

Analytics of online actions

·  Web page interactions
·  Referring webpage/source through which you accessed the Website
·  Non-identifiable request IDs
·  Statistics associated with the interaction between device or browser and the Website

·  Service Providers
·  Advertising Partners
·  Analytics Partners
·  Business Partners
·  Parties You Authorize, Access or Authenticate

Analytics From Other Personal Data Collected

·  Profiles reflecting user attributes
·  Profiles reflecting user behavior

·  Service Providers
·  Advertising Partners
·  Analytics Partners
·  Business Partners
·  Parties You Authorize, Access or Authenticate

Other Information that You Voluntarily Choose to Provide

·  Identifying information in emails or letters you send us

·  Service Providers
·  Advertising Partners
·  Analytics Partners
·  Business Partners
·  Parties You Authorize, Access or Authenticate

Personal Information Sources’ Details

Sources from Which We Gather Personal Information:

Directly from You:

When you willingly share information with us.

·  Through your engagement with our online platforms.
·  Through information you provide in open text fields on our Website or through survey responses.
·  Via email communications or other direct contacts you initiate.

Directly from You:

Automatically as you navigate through our site.

·  Through tracking technologies (explained in the “Tracking Methods and Opt-Out” section below).
·  If you use a browser that shares your location, we might access that data.
·  From certain apps or software we offer, which may transmit device data to enhance the Website's functionality.

Third Party Sources:

·  Service Providers:
·  We utilize analytics tools to understand your interaction and engagement with the Website or third parties who assist in customer support.
·  We engage service providers to - collect data for lead generation and user profiling.

Marketing Affiliates:

·  We obtain information from our marketing partners about your interactions with our online offerings, advertisements, and other communications.

Personal Information Sources’ Details


Enhancing and Personalizing our Website:

·  Delivering requested products, services, or information.
·  Accomplishing the specific purpose for which you provided the data.
·  Offering support and assistance.
·  Enhancing our site through testing, research, analytics, and development.
·  Tailoring content and communication based on your choices.
·  Ensuring security, preventing fraud, and debugging.
·  Executing other business operations as defined during data collection or as specified by relevant data protection laws, like the California Consumer Privacy Act (the “CCPA”).


Website Promotion:

Promoting and advertising our Website.



·  Addressing your queries, contacting as needed or as requested, and sharing Website-related updates.
·  Sending communications in line with your preferences or showcasing content we believe you'd find engaging.


Legal Compliance and Enforcement:

·  Meeting our obligations under laws, regulations, or court directives, such as security monitoring and identifying prohibited activities.
·  Safeguarding your rights, TheStage's rights, or others'.
·  Upholding agreements made with you.
·  Addressing claims related to content violating third-party rights.
·  Resolving disputes.

We won't gather new categories of Personal Information or use collected data for substantially divergent purposes without notifying you.

How We Distribute Your Personal Information

We share your data with entities listed below. Based on jurisdictional laws, some of these might be considered a “sale” of your Personal Information. For detailed insights, please consult region-specific sections below.

Service Providers

These entities assist us in offering the Website or conduct functions on our behalf

·  Tech, hosting, and communication service providers
·  Security and fraud prevention experts
·  Customer support services

Marketing Partners

They help promote our services and provide you with relevant offers

·  Advertisement networks
·  Data brokerage firms
·  Marketing agencies

Analytical Partners

These entities analyze traffic or Website usage

·  Firms analyzing user referral sources
·  Firms monitoring user-Website interaction

Business Affiliates

Collaborative partners for various services

·  Entities you've engaged with
·  Joint promotional partners

Entities You Grant Permissions

Those you access or approve via the Website

Legal Obligations

We might disclose any gathered Personal Information with third parties for reasons detailed under “Legal Compliance and Enforcement” in the “Reasons We Gather Your Personal Information” section above.

Corporate Transfers

Should we experience significant organizational changes, such as mergers, takeovers, insolvency, or other relevant transactions, the Personal Data we've gathered from you might be handed over to another entity taking control of our operations, either partially or entirely. In such cases, we're committed to making concerted efforts to inform you before the management of your data changes under new privacy and security standards.

Non-Personal Data Derivation

From the wealth of Personal Data we obtain, we can generate consolidated, non-personal, or anonymized data by stripping away details that would identify an individual. This kind of data may be leveraged and shared with third-party entities to further legitimate business objectives, such as refining our website or amplifying our promotional efforts. However, it's imperative to note that the shared data won't be used in ways that could trace back to you.

Digital Monitoring and Opting Out

Our website employs a range of digital markers, notably cookies and technologies like pixel tags, web beacons, and JavaScript, known collectively as “Cookies”. These tools facilitate our servers in identifying your browser and gather insights about your interactions and visit patterns on our platform, thereby aiding in its enhancement. Cookies are essentially tiny data fragments, often textual, stored on devices when users interact with online platforms. Additionally, the data we obtain might be enriched with information from third-party sources, especially those who've also embedded cookies on your devices. It's important to highlight that due to our reliance on cookies, our website currently doesn't entertain "Do Not Track" signals initiated by browsers.

Types of Cookies Utilized:


Primary Cookies

These cookies are vital for delivering certain features or services you've requested. For instance, they might help you access password-protected sections of our website. Disabling them could render some functionalities inaccessible.


Analytical Cookies

These cookies provide insights into user behavior on our site by gathering data on visitor count, page visits, and the time spent on pages. They also aid in evaluating the efficacy of our marketing strategies and refining content for those interacting with our advertisements.

Your browser settings grant you the discretion to manage cookies. Many browsers allow you to deactivate the cookie functionality, preventing the acceptance of new cookies and, depending on the browser's sophistication, offer granular control over cookie acceptance. Clearing existing cookies from your device is also possible, but this might necessitate manual adjustments to preferences during subsequent visits, potentially affecting website performance.

To navigate the cookie management features, delve into the "preferences" or "options" of your browser. For comprehensive insights on cookies, including management and deletion, consult

Data Protection and Duration of Retention

We're committed to safeguarding your account details and any other personal information under our care. Nonetheless, the digital realm has its vulnerabilities. Factors such as unauthorized breaches, technical malfunctions, and other unforeseen challenges might jeopardize user data security.

The duration we store your Personal Data is primarily dictated by our service delivery needs. However, in certain scenarios, longer retention might be necessitated by legal obligations, resolution of conflicts, or fee collection requirements. We might also keep data in a form that doesn’t allow direct identification.

Data Relating to Minors

Aligning with our Terms of Use, we don't intentionally gather data from individuals below 18. If, for some reason, we inadvertently obtain such data, our protocol is to purge it promptly. If you're aware of any under-18 individual sharing data with us, please alert us at

Rights of California Residents

Residents of California have certain entitlements concerning their Personal Data, elaborated in ensuing sections. If you believe we're processing your data on behalf of another party, it's advisable to approach the original data collector for addressing your rights.

Should any contradictions arise between this segment and other sections of the Privacy Policy, and if you're a Californian, the clause offering maximum data protection will prevail. For further inquiries or clarifications regarding this section, reach out to

Data Retrieval Rights

You can seek detailed information on our handling of your Personal Data within the past year. Upon such a request, we're obligated to share:

· The types of Personal Data we've archived about you
· The origin sources of that particular data
· The intentions behind gathering or potentially selling your Personal Data
· The third-party entities with which your Personal Data has been disclosed
· Detailed specifics of the Personal Data we’ve accrued about you

If, in the past year, we've divulged your Personal Data to third parties for operational reasons, we will specify the kind of data shared and its recipients. Similarly, if there was a sale of your Personal Data within the same period, we'd identify the type of data sold and the purchasers.

Right to Erase Data

You're entitled to ask us to purge the Personal Data we've collected regarding you. However, according to the CCPA, certain exceptions might apply. For instance, if your data is crucial for our service provision or for finalizing an action you've initiated, we might hold onto it. In cases where these exemptions apply, your deletion demand might be declined.

Exercising Your Data Rights

To invoke the aforementioned rights, either you or your designated representative must forward a request that (1) provides enough specifics for us to confirm your identity, and (2) lucidly describes your demand, enabling us to interpret, assess, and address it adequately. We’ll treat any request satisfying these conditions as a “Legitimate Request.” If a request doesn’t adhere to these guidelines, it might go unanswered. Data from a Legitimate Request is exclusively used for identification and request fulfillment. No active account is necessary to lodge a Legitimate Request.

We aim to address your Legitimate Request within 45 days. While typically free, in cases where the request is deemed excessive, redundant, or clearly baseless, a fee might be imposed. If such a fee is deemed necessary, we’ll inform you about it and its rationale prior to processing your request.

To lodge a Legitimate Request: Reach out via email at

For third-party authorization (termed “Authorized Agent”), a formal written consent from you is necessary for them to act on your behalf. We might request this document when your Authorized Agent contacts us.

Opting Out of Personal Data Sales

We affirm that we haven’t sold your Personal Data in the last year. To the best of our knowledge, we don't deal in the data of individuals below 18 years.

Non-Discrimination Assurance

In line with the CCPA, exercising your data rights won't invite any prejudice from us. This means we won't deny services, charge differential rates, or offer subpar quality if you invoke your CCPA rights. However, based on various data privacy regulations (like the CCPA), we might have varied service tiers with different pricing or quality, contingent on the worth of the Personal Data we acquire from you.

Rights Under Various State Privacy Laws

Rights of California Residents

Pursuant to California Civil Code Sections 1798.83-1798.84, individuals residing in California have the authority to request us to halt the sharing of Personal Data with third parties for those third parties' own marketing aims. If you wish to initiate such a request, kindly reach out to us at

Rights of Nevada Residents

Residents of Nevada can opt out of the potential sale of certain Personal Data pieces to third parties planning to license or commercially utilize that information. To exercise this right, send us an email at with the subject “Nevada Do Not Sell Request”, including your name and the email associated with your account. We'd like to clarify that as per the definition in Nevada Revised Statutes Chapter 603A, we currently don’t engage in the sale of your Personal Data.